The Unofficial Guide to Tomorrowland 2019

"This book tells you everything you need to know about Tomorrowland. Details of the various hotels, cheap tickets to the food at the festival. A must before going to Tomorrowland. "   

Brenda Vergeers


"Have received the guide and happy with it, it has some great info about how getting a ticket, and how to save money. Thank you for all this work you have done."

Pedro Garcia


"Gave it to a friend who is going to Tomorrowland. Love it and found it very helpful."

Britta Devries


"This book is pretty much a one-stop planning assistant; it contains everything you need to make the right choices when planning your Tomorrowland Journey. Unlike the sponsored guides like Reddit or in FB groups, the authors are given free reign to give honest evaluations that aren't all rainbows and unicorns. You'll get the most out of it if you read BEFORE you book your trip since it contains really useful information such as accommodation information, crowds, weather, dining, and more. More importantly, there's no fluff. The authors have really thought long and hard over this edition on what to include and what to leave out to ensure you aren't overwhelmed."



"A great deal of information. With limited time to take a short trip to Tomorrowland, this is really a super tool to make the most of the time we have to spend. I would invite anyone who is planning a trip to get and use this guide "

June Malone


"A lot of very useful information for any traveler. I've been to Tomorrowland 5 times but still like to review and update the opportunities."



"There is SO much information in this book. As a first time visiter to Tomorrowland, I don't know how I could have planned a trip without it. It's got everything and the insider tips are exactly what I needed."

Jose Albina


"Wonderful as always. This book has everything you want to know." 

DJ Sammy

The Independent Guide to Disney World 2018

"This book  spells it all out. It goes into GREAT detail about how to plan for your trip. I used it for every step of our planning. It helped guide to on how to have control over where we booked our resort, how to get a quiet room, which meal plan is good for you, how to get the most out of each park and more. This guide is a must for all of those who haven't traveled to WDW in a few years. This paired up with the WDW app gave us the best vacation, even though it STORMED for 6 hours each day for 3 days in a row. We were well prepared to be able to change our routine and get back on track to see all we could and do all we could do. Even after the rain, we all were still able to get in all the rides and character visits."



"If you are going to WDW, this is a MUST have guide. Fantastic reviews and advice. Very good maps including "sneak routes". Excellent on providing advice on whether or not you should use Disney transportation vs your own car by resort and park. In our particular case, it was best for the Magic Kingdom to and from our resort for us to use Disney transport, for everywhere else- our own car. Good information to have."

T. Anderson


"These books are the best out there. I enjoy reading them for leisure as well as to prepare for trips. They have saved my family tons of time. The companion website and app are also incredible. They afford a straightfoward account of all aspects of the parks. They help me look forward to the trip and let me know about things I may not have realized existed otherwise. A MUST HAVE for visiting Florida theme parks."

Roxy Skalada


"Disney planning is an absolute must, and is super tough to tackle on your own. These books literally cover everything and leave nothing to chance. a repeat customer, just love them."

Matt P


"This is an amazing resource. I am planning my first trip to Disney World and this is an invaluable tool! The book makes me feel like I already know the place. I never imagined there would be such detailed information about all the resorts and parks. I would recommend this to anyone planning a Disney trip! "

Renee Johnson




The Independent Guide to Universal Studios 2018

"I am going to  Universal Studios for the first time, and even though I'm a huge movie fan, there is so much planning that goes into,  and this guide has been such a wonderful and helpful resource when figuring it all out."



"This is an awesome tool to navigate Universal Studios. Has all the info you need to have an enjoyable trip. In addition, it has a discount to Touring Plans. Touring plans saves you valuable time in the parks with the least amount of lines. Hey, that's what you want when going to "US world". Right? A must have unless you want to wing it. LOL. Good luck with that."

John Cook


"My husband loves this book. Lots of good information for our upcoming trip. Obviously not as super recent as you would like, considering all the updates Universal does, but still fun to read and plan."



"If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios, this is a must. It rates everything that you will be involved with. As a Universal Studios  veteran, this book really helps chose where to dine and where to stay. This helps you plan your days to get the most out of your stay. I guy a new and updated copy every couple years"

Martin Alvarado