As authors and publishers of independent travel guides to festivals, Spotlight Publishers  believes travel is perhaps the most valuable means by which we learn about the world and our place.

The Independent Guide to Nordic Cruises 2019

This guide a well written book that is a quite complete guide to virtually all Nordic cruises that you might realistically be interested in. The detail on different ships and lines is excellent. Complete and clear explanations of every aspect of a cruise for someone new to cruising

The Independent Guide to River Cruises 2019

This book to help me decide which would be the perfect cruise. It has a lot of information of various lines and what factors may help you decide. This guide  is  quite helpful  about planning ahead, making sure you're in town a day early so that you don't risk missing your ship. It gives general advice on what to pack.


The Independent Guide to Carribbean Cruises 2019

This book has a  detailed rating system (two scales: one for quality and one for value) and detailed coverage of ships and cruise lines. It has very good information on how and why you might want to figure out your own air transportation, which cruises are for you and which aren't. This book  gives guidelines for choosing the cruise package right for you, and lists ways to capture those elusive "deep discounts." 

The Independent Guide to Universal Studios Orlando 2019

Packed with detailed, specific information on every ride, show, and restaurant in the resort, including insider details on Harry Potter's new attractions, as well as the new water park Volcano Bay. 

The Independent Guide to Berlin 2019.

NEW FOR 2019

Berlin is the fastest growing, hottest destination in Europe, and now Spotlight Publishers has a guidebook to help travelers navigate this exciting city. Our essential new city guide showcases the best way for travelers to explore the city's history, where to go for cutting-edge arts and entertainment, and, of course, the best food and nightlife spots.


The Independent Guide to Party Island Ibiza 2019

This guide includes the best places to stay, eat and drinks as wall as the top attractions to visit, party spots,  flights and all of the key information that you need before you go. 

The Independent Guide to Couples Only Jamaica 2019

Learn more about the all inclusive resorts. This guide explains all the amazing things to do and where to stay.  What are the best resorts to stay ? Is there a dress code ?  Health and medical, What is couples First ? The Nightlife ? Hedonism? Can we visit other couples resorts ?

The Independent Guide to Spring Break 2019

This guide is packed with information about Spring Break Destinations, Hotels and Accommodations, Party Spots, Places to have fun and places to eat. On virtually every page of the Spring Break guide you’ll find the best hotel rates, travel info and tips, sweet discounts to restaurants and clubs and access to information you simply cannot get anywhere else. 

The Independent Guide to Comic-Con 2019

The Independent Guide to E3  2019


The Independent Guide to Sea World San Diego 2019

The independent guide to Comic Con explains  everything you need to know to make the most your 4 days at the convention. What to bring ? What to wear ? Lines and crowds, where to stay, transportation , packing, kids, food, planner etc.. 

The Independent Guide to Coachella 2019

A fun weekend at Coachella can quickly be ruined if you're unprepared. If you want to last all weekend, follow these 100 Coachella tips & tricks in this guide to Coachella. What should I pack for Coachella. The Dos and Donts. Getting Tickets, don't get scammed, Plan ahead, Plan your outfits, Bring the right bag, Know your surroundings, stay healthy and many more.

What to bring and how to get most out of the E3 show are just two of many answers you will  find in this  guide. Find the restrooms, where to eat, plan your day, pick up the E3 show daily, get to the airport and hundreds of tips. 

The Independent Guide to EXIT Serbia 2019

If you are planning to be the part of this festival in this part of Europe, this guide will give you all necessary information  you need. 

Drinking at Exit, Dancing at Exit, Eating At Exit, Sleeping at Exit, Getting  to Exit


This guide will  make your visit to Sea World a vacation you will remember for years to come. In its pages you will learn:  How to negotiate and avoid crowds to spend more time having fun and less time waiting.  An overview of all of the attractions at Sea World. 

The Independent Guide to EDC Las Vegas, 2019

What time should you arrive , From food & drinks to merchandise to lost & found,  all your festival needs covered in this book. Your wristband is your ticket! Here's everything you need to know about registering it, wearing it, and more.


Learn about the accessible features of the venue, including parking, restrooms, viewing decks etc..




The Independent Guide to  Disney World 2019

This guide explains how Walt Disney World works and how to use that knowledge to make every minute and every dollar of your vacation count. With advice that is direct, prescriptive, and detailed, it takes the guesswork out of travel by unambiguously rating and ranking everything from hotels, restaurants, and attractions to rental car companies